Keep Your Team Motivated in 2012

Do you use teambuilders to keep your team motivated? Particularly at this time of year, with holiday stress and responsibilities, employees may become distracted and lose their focus. You can help your team refresh, prepare for 2012, and keep productivity humming by scheduling regular teambuilders for your organization. Fun, light-hearted teambuilders can be the most… Read more »

First Impressions Matter – Being the Office “Newbie”

After all the time and effort spent landing your new job, actually starting the job can seem like an afterthought! Of course, once you step foot in your new office, you may start to feel a bit intimidated. Being the “new guy or gal” can be pretty stressful. It’s hard to get used to new… Read more »

5 Ways to Improve Your Corporate Culture

Can you describe your corporate culture? Has your organization thought about how you would like your culture to be, and to reflect on your business as a whole? When you’re interviewing potential new employees, you are weighing their pros and cons, but candidates are also sizing you up – and your corporate culture could be… Read more »

The Hidden Questions Behind, “Tell Me About Yourself?”

You may assume that the frequent first question of interviews, “Tell me about yourself,” is merely an ice breaker to relax you as you begin the interview process. While it may help you do just that, it is also very often the “real” first question of the interview. And as such, it presents a great… Read more »

Attract Better Candidates With A Streamlined Hiring Process

Has your hiring process become a bloated mess? Hiring can be a time-consuming, stressful and yes, costly, tax on any business. And with various departments and people putting their hand into the process, what may have started out as streamlined and efficient has become bloated and ineffective. Lure better talent with a simplified hiring process.… Read more »

Haven’t Heard Back? Don’t Panic! Why Job Offers Get Put On Hold.

After putting the time and effort into crafting a unique and effective resume and a razor sharp cover letter. After preparing–and acing–your interview. You wait… …and wait. It can be incredibly unnerving waiting to hear back after an interview! The truth is, maybe you did ace your interview. But, sometimes, job offers are put on… Read more »

Don’t Get Fired – Four Tips for Job Security

Looking for ways to get ahead in your career? Or maybe you’re concerned about your job stability, and you’re looking for ways to become your boss’ most trusted asset. There are steps you can take to stand out from the pack. Feel more comfortable in your job, and less afraid of getting the axe, by… Read more »

The Real Deal: “Overqualified Candidates.”

It’s not unusual for hiring managers to be overwhelmed with resumes…sometimes hundreds for a single job posting. And with more resumes, comes a likelihood of overqualified candidates applying for work with your company. What’s the real deal with overqualified candidates? Don’t miss out on a potential superstar for your organization by overlooking candidates who appear… Read more »

The Importance of Reference Checks

You’ve invested a lot of time in finding the right candidate, and understandably, reference checks can seem like an afterthought. But, they shouldn’t be an afterthought at all! Reference checks should be an integral part of your hiring process. They can provide: Reasons for leaving previous employers Eligibility for re-hire Integrity Communication, teamwork and organizational… Read more »

Let Them Gripe (And Eat Cake?). The Benefits of Blowing Off Some Steam.

Are your employees chronic complainers? Is every meeting bombarded with complaints about other departments, clients, or another area of your business? That could be a problem. But, a little complaining from time to time, when in the proper element, can be beneficial. No one is happy all the time, and everyday frustrations can build up… Read more »