5 IT Jobs in High Demand in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

Information technology is an industry that hasn’t slowed down in the last decade. That means lots of professionals at many stages of their career, from fresh college graduate to career changers looking for a new start, are pursuing IT jobs. So what are the top in-demand jobs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area right now? Here are some details about five IT jobs currently in high demand.

1. Information security.

InfoSec jobs cover anything regarding the safety and security of your company’s data. Individual companies hire experts and large companies have entire departments for both in-house and managed services operations. Because there will always be concerns over hackers and other data security problems, jobs in internet security and information security will continue to be in demand.

2. Healthcare IT.

There are few industries growing at the rate of healthcare IT. As the medical industry is struggling to keep up with new technologies, professionals with this experience are in high demand across the board. Healthcare IT covers many aspects of medical data storage, security, and analytics. Everything is done with the ultimate goal of providing better quality patient care.

3. Big data.

There will also continue to be an increased need for professionals with experience in big data. As companies continue to collect more and more information, there need to be dedicated people in place to organize and analyze this information. There are a variety of entry points in a career in big data, but the specialization is worth pursuing if you want to remain in demand with local employers.

4. Web developer.

There is also a continuous need for individuals with experience in web development. This is especially true when it comes to mobile optimization and apps to help businesses reach their target audience quickly and effectively. Many adults are using their phones exclusively for Internet access, which means websites need to be seamless in their transition between desktop and device.

5. Project management.

Finally, an IT professional with experience in project management will always be in demand. In this case, your specific technology experience isn’t as important as your ability to organize and run a team of professionals to complete a project. Companies will hire project managers both in-house and as contractors, so there is plenty of flexibility in this role. There is even a certification that can make you more marketable.

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