How to Find a Great Call Center Job in DFW

It can seem, on paper, that finding a job within a call center is an easy prospect. There are always companies looking for customer service representatives to work on the phones. But the more you look, the more you realize that some jobs aren’t exactly what you were expecting. So how do you find a position with a reputable call center within the Dallas Fort Worth area? Where do you even start? Here are some tips to find the right job for you.

Do Your Homework

Before you start applying to call center jobs in your area, research the local companies. When you see a posting online, especially on a website like Craigslist, google the company before submitting your resume. See what you can find about their reputation, reviews from former employees, and feedback from customers. You can learn to discern between accurate information and sour grapes and determine if the company is worth your time and attention.

Network in the Area

Another skill important to develop is networking. Getting out in your community is an important way to meet new people within the customer service industry. You can get real, word of mouth input on companies looking for new CSRs for their call center. Be of service to the people you meet. Rather than focusing on what they can do for you, consider what you can do for them.

Search on Social Media

Another important tool for finding a great call center job in the DFW area is social media. Follow the top call centers on Twitter and interact with them. Do the same on Facebook and LinkedIn. This way, you can learn important information along the way but also follow them in real time to see new jobs before they are made public. This can give you a slight advantage when applying.

Work with a Local Recruiter

When looking for a call center job in DFW, you should also partner with a local staffing agency. Their recruiters are skilled in understanding what their clients are looking for and can help match you with the right call center environment for your skills and goals. They will also have an idea of which call centers in the area are reputable as they are just as unlikely to work with unsavory companies as you are.

Work with a Top Staffing Agency in Dallas

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