Should You Be Looking for a “Job” or Something Better in the Gig Economy?

You’ve probably heard a lot about the gig economy. While the concept has been with us a very long time, it has been gaining popularity since the recession began to correct itself in the last decade. The idea behind the gig economy is to accept shorter term jobs, freelance projects, or engage in forms of revenue generating business other than the traditional 9-to-5 job. So the question is, while the gig economy is expanding, is now the right time to look for a job or is there something better out there for you?

Why would you want a traditional job?

The truth is, a traditional job is still a good solution for many people. A good place to start is an evaluation of the pros and cons of a traditional jobs vs. contract or freelance work. A traditional job, in general, will provide more long-term stability, which can be important to certain individuals depending on their life situation, family needs, and financial goals. Otherwise, looking into the gig economy may offer additional benefits.

Do you have the flexibility to enter the gig economy?

The most important thing to determine is if you have the flexibility to enter this arena. Short term or freelance jobs often have less reliable income streams and there will be an inconsistency between what you earn each month depending on the jobs you do and how busy you are. But if you have the flexibility to work with this, it may be a great way to get started.

Are you comfortable with less stability?

Speaking of stability, it comes into play as well. What do you do when you’re not actively engaged with a paying gig? Many people use this time as an opportunity to work on personal projects instead. You also need to be prepared to continuously hustle to find new projects and positions to stay as busy as you would like. But you should know that short term or freelance jobs could end at any time.

Do you want to be in control of your work?

However, most people who work within the gig economy framework will say that the control they have over their time and efforts more than makes up for the lack of stability in their income. And, with the right budgeting and planning, this can become a real benefit. When you’re part of the gig economy, you are working for yourself. Even if you take a short-term project, you know that you have control over your time and how you dedicate yourself to the project.

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