Resume Mistakes that Cost You the IT Job

There is a lot of competition in the world of information technology. Which is why you need to stand out from the crowd when looking for a new IT position. But there are some common mistakes that IT candidates make on their resume that not only don’t help them stand out but will cause recruiters and hiring managers to disregard their resume. Let’s take a look at these common mistakes so you can focus on creating a resume that will convey your accomplishments and experience instead.

Your resume is too long.

You may feel as though you need to include every possible aspect of your IT career on the resume. But recruiters will tell you that a resume beyond two pages won’t get read. Instead of a comprehensive list, make it a snap shot. Customize your resume for each job to include relevant skills. A good rule of thumb is to only go back to 10 years in your experience to keep the resume concise.

You use too much tech speak.

While you want to demonstrate your knowledge, you need to understand that the first person to receive and read your resume may not be an information technology expert. You need to craft a resume that will be engaging to all audiences, not just other IT professionals. Take time to describe your accomplishments in plain English so anyone can understand your background.

You adhere to the wrong format.

Did you know that there are multiple resume formats considered acceptable today? Many people just harken back to the old chronological resume where they list each job from most recent to oldest and include bullet points of every task required. But there are other options. Some IT professionals like a format referred to as “functional.” This highlights accomplishments rather than individual places of employment.

Your accomplishments read like bragging.

While it is extremely important to include your accomplishments on a resume, you have to walk a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Be sure that when describing what you’ve done in your career that you don’t come across as ungrateful or as someone bragging about their experiences. This will be the hardest balancing act you do when writing your resume.

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